Frequently Asked Questions...

What is this all about?

The Tea Theme Options is an other theme roller for WordPress. But, the main purpose is to make life:

  • Easier for administrators - The interface is thought to be the most user-friendly. The Tea Theme Options core adds some extra interface customisations to make your life easier.
  • Easier for developers - Create a new admin panel easily with the new dashboard. The Tea Theme Options core is made to allow non-developer profiles to easily create the settings they need to customise their templates.

Why should I choose Tea Theme Options instead of an other one?

Honestly, if you need a theme roller especially coded for advanced php developers with time to spend in a large and hard-to-learn documentation, you can choose every other theme roller.
The Tea Theme Options has been created to make client's life easier and improve time and quality of websites development in web agencies. So for me, the Tea Theme Options is the best maintained-solution.

What about a plugin for WordPress instead of all that?

I did a plugin in a while, but there is a main reason why I did not maintain it: even if we use a plugin to make the administrator's life easier, a developer has to update the theme source code to work with all defined fields.

So there is no real advantage to have a plugin.

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