Since v1.5.3

As you may know, I'm working hard to offer you lots of functionalities and improving all the Tea Theme Options features. So do not hesitate to pull-request me, or contact me by:

For now, there are three features I've made which are in WIP or in beta use that you can disable easily.
These features are:

  • Elasticsearch API - Elasticsearch creates scaleable, real-time search for your website by indexing all your datas millions of times a day.
  • Social networks - Simple to use, fully integrate your Tea Theme Options for Wordpress with your favorites social networks.
  • Notifications alert - You can use the Tea T.O. only to create Custom Post Types. In that case, you don't really need notifications ;)

To do

In progress

  • Use of filters and actions on post types and terms.
  • Use of (add|get|update)_term_meta new functions.
  • ElasticSearch enhancements.
  • Custom fields enabled.
  • All other stuff I'm working on.


All stuff tested and pushed in the Github repository.