Olympus Zeus v4

Simple, easy to use and fully integrated theme options for WordPress.

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Olympus Zeus library is a part of Olympus framework for WordPress.
It allows you to easily add professional looking theme options panels to your WordPress theme.

Olympus Zeus allows you to easily add professional looking theme options panels to your WordPress website.

Easier for administrators and developers, the interface is thought to be the most user-friendly. The Olympus Zeus adds some extra interface customisations to make your life easier. Developers can now create new admin panels with just a couple lines of codes. All is made to allow non-developer profiles to easily create the settings they need to customise their templates.

The Olympus Zeus is built with ♥ for WordPress v3.x/4.x and uses the WordPress built-in pages.

Custom post types, custom terms, here is the simpliest way to create custom content types to your WordPress website. A new experience with dashicons, complete customisable backend panels, custom fields and datas saved in DB as the good way. The Olympus Zeus uses the WordPress Media Manager too: a beautiful interface where you can create galleries faster with drag-and-drop reordering, inline caption editing, and simplified controls.

A better search engine, real related contents, highly smart algorithms. The Olympus Zeus offers you full of functionalities.

The Olympus Zeus works has deeply integrated ElasticSearch search engine features to creates scaleable, real-time search for your website by indexing all your datas millions of times a day. Related contents works by the same way. The Olympus Zeus is upgraded every day with new features you can use as you need.

All we need is looooooooooooove :)

Guys, do not hesitate to spread your love about the Olympus Zeus ;)

[Github](https://github.com/crewstyle/Olympus Zeus)
Find the Olympus Zeus Github repository